Multi-color panel to analyze B cell phenotype

40-color B cell panel

Marker Purpose
Amine-reactive dye Viability
CD45 Leukocyte marker
CD20 B cell lineage
CD19 B cell lineage
CD21 B cell memory
CD73 Inhibitory marker
Bcl6 GC B cell
CD16 Fc receptor
IL-21R Cytokine receptor
CD86 B cell activation
CD11c Atypical memory B cell
IgD B cell subset differentiation
CD5 Nonclassical B1 B cells
IgM B cell subset differentiation
IgG B cell subset differentiation
CD79b Pan B cell marker
PD-L1 Pro-tumor B cell
CD24 Plasmablast differentiation
CD64 Fc receptor
Granzyme B Effector/anti-tumor B cell
CXCR4 Chemokine receptor
CD3+CD14 T cell and monocyte dump
CD27 B cell subset differentiation
CD43 Nonclassical B1 B cell
CD5 Nonclassical B1 B cell
CD23 Fc receptor
CXCR3 Chemokine receptor
CD38 Plasmablast differentiation
TACI Cytokine receptor
CD40 Co-stimulatory/B cell activation
CD85j Inhibitory marker
CXCR5 Chemokine receptor
IgA B cell subset differentiation
CD39 Regulatory B cell
Ki67 GC B cell/proliferation
CD32 Fc receptor/B cell exhaustion
BAFF-R Cytokine receptor
CD138 Plasma cell
CD10 Transitional B cell
HLA-DR B cell differentiation